Seiko Solar Watch Is Amazing Read Expert Review

The Amazing Seiko Solar Watch Review

In the amazing Seiko Solar watch review, I want to touch on the groundbreaking innervation of the Seiko Solar movements that have been we us since 1977. It’s not the only environmentally friendly movement Seiko has created but it’s the focus of Seiko’s push towards more user-friendly watch than basic quartz. When we talk about solar movement most people will think of the Citizen Eco-Drive or Casio solar tough, but Seiko has this ground cover, with a few more interesting movements to boot.

Seiko Solar Watch Problems

So, are Seiko solar watches any good? To answer this we can look at what makes them good, for example, the Seiko solar watch battery replacement is something you never need to think of again. It’s true the Seiko Solar powered watches do have a battery that stores and discharges electrical charge, but the battery life so extended you will never need to replace it.

Their closest rival in their market is Citizen so you could be forgiven for falling into a Seiko Solar vs Citizen Eco-Drive mindset, but the market is big and the competition healthy, meaning there is lots or room for all the players. It also affords watch aficionados the opportunity to collect different models from different collections and appreciate them all equally.


SEIKO Solar is a quartz movement that takes its energy from any light source to store it in a self-recharging battery which never requires changing. This small step is significant as it makes and important contribution to the green cause.


The advantage of Solar

This watch is virtually maintenance free because a battery change is never required, meaning the wearer can rely on the full and correct functioning of the watch for long periods of time with no fear of the battery draining.

How does it work

SEIKO’s advanced Solar technology means the white dials are white, the black dials are black so the only indication that the watches are solar powered is the discreet inscription “Solar” on the dial.

The appeal of this new generation of SEIKO Solar watches lies in the simple practicality of the new SEIKO Solar technology:

  • The watches are powered by all kinds of light, artificial light as well as sunlight.
  • 1-minute charge The watches charge very quickly. In most SEIKO Solar calibers, just one minute of sunlight delivers one hour of charge and fully charged after three hours.
  • 6 months standby The watch retains the charge for an extended period. When worn regularly, the watch will remain fully charged, even if left in pitch blackness for 6 months, (or 12 in some models) the watch continues to work normally.

SEIKO Spring Drive

It had always been the watchmaker’s dream to build an automatic watch movement with one- second-a-day accuracy. And now it has been made a reality with the Seiko Spring Drive. No battery needed and with extended service intervals, this movement has a zero impact on the environmental.

Exclusive To Seiko

Spring Drive is the only movement in the world powered by a main spring with the addition of having a regulator without an escapement.

Unlike all other movements, the motion of the components in Spring Drive is in one direction. This means all the wear and tear caused be the rapid back and forth motion of a balance wheel, Spring Drive has eliminated. That one advancement has been the aim of watchmakers over the generations and removes the vulnerability of the escapement to wear, tear, and temperature change. Seiko has now produced a more accurate, reliable and more durable movement than any other luxury watchmaker in the world. That’s tough to beat!

SEIKO Kinetic

SEIKO mastered the challenge of generating electricity from the kinetic movement of the wearer’s wrist using an internal rotor turning the user’s movement into energy. A rechargeable battery stores energy and recharges using this movement. Also, the battery needs much less frequent replacement than the conventional quartz battery to give this design green credentials.


Others have tried but only Seiko has succeeded in inventing the components and technologies to create the kinetic or a quartz watch that would generate its own power. Since it’s first quartz movements came out in 1969, Seiko has been working toward this dream, and in 1988 finally achieved their goal. All these years on, the Kinetic remains unique to Seiko.

SEIKO Mechanical

Mechanical watch movements need no external power source making that the technology the most environmentally friendly build to date. Seiko created their first mechanical watch in 1895 and since that time they have continued to develope and refined their mechanical watchmaking skills. Now, every part of every watch, from the Spron alloy used in the balance spring to the movement, dial, hands, and case are built by Seiko.


Seiko introduced the 8R caliber automatic chronograph In 2008. Using the tried and tested “magic lever,” column wheel and vertical clutch, first used back in 1969, Seiko added a newly-invented three-pointed hammer, that ensured instant reset of the chronograph hands.

Balance Wheel & Main Spring

Seiko understands the precision and power reserve in a mechanical watch is dependent on the quality of the balance spring and main spring. Using their unique alloy, *SPRON 510 for these parts means Seiko can deliver extended power and accuracy.

Magic Lever

One of the key breakthroughs in the modern history of mechanical watchmaking was Seiko’s invention of the “magic lever.” These device harnesses the energy created by the rotor as it turns in both directions, to increase the power transfer to the main spring and delivering faster winding speed.


Accuracy without durability goes hand in hand, so combining the two without compromising was the crowning glory of the Grand Seiko’s 9S Hi-beat caliber. The durability of Grand Seiko is achieved by the completely new design of the escape wheel and pallet. Micro precision in manufacturing, perfect smoothness of the surfaces, reduced weight, and improved lubrication all add to the sustainability.

Automatic vs Kinetic


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About carl scutt

Carl's the founder and editor of His background's in Technology and Internet Marketing. He currently lives in southern Spain. Learn more about him here, and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

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