Advanced Security Threat To Counterfeiters

The front lines in the battle between luxury watch manufacturers and counterfeiters have never been more embattled. But now new technology is threatening the counterfeiters with a nightmare scenario of offering a simple test to expose fakes.

What Is It?

The basic concept is to produce a system allowing the easy confirmation of a genuine product much like we already test paper money today. A hologram based security system is currently being developed that would mean a simple UV light would react with a layer of photonic crystals integrated into the glass face of the watch.


Why Will This Stop Them?

It’s true counterfeiters are a resourceful bunch and constantly running to catch up with all countermeasures designed to stop them. But if this is true what’s this new technology got that’s so good it can stop them in their tracks? Creating the ‘nanometric image’ requires expensive machinery normally used to manufacture LEDs,

The strength of the technology creating the ‘nanometric image’ lies in its complexity and expense. It is a new and complex technology still under development, requiring expensive manufacturing machinery capable or marking sapphire glass, ceramic and steel. The watermark like designs are built from a series of layers 10,000 times thinner than a human hair. Also, the process is one that made up of a secret chemical mixture making it difficult to produce.


Who’s Doing This?

The solution is currently being refined by a Swiss startup company Nanoga, but more security developments are being made by Russian watch brand Raketa. Their idea is based on the technology of cryptocurrency Bitcoin which can be used to certify or authenticate any product of value including watches, via a digital registry.

bitkey code

Stan Polosov, of Blockchain Engine says, because watches are issued with a unique number at production, they are a perfect candidate for digital registration.

Interestingly, it’s also suggested this technology can be used to add data to the item, such as change of ownership via an app. Some might see this a potential weak point hat the counterfeiters can attack, but regardless, these two options mark a change in direct away from the need for an onsite expert to certify authenticity.

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carl scutt
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Advanced Security Threat To Counterfeiters
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2 thoughts on “Advanced Security Threat To Counterfeiters

  1. I use to wear a watch all the time. I’m cheap so it was usually a Timex. Now I only wear my cheap Timex at work. Only because its much easier to get a set of vital signs with a watch. Expensive watches are not something I wear in my line of work.
    However, I have been slowly searching for a good high end watch for those occasional nights on the town. This information will come in handy when I become a little more serious. Thanx Carl.

    • Hi Ken,

      Thanks for stopping by to leave your thoughts. I too stopped wearing watches for a long period in my life because I didi not want to have the constant reminder of the passage of time. As I got older I really started to like watches for their aesthetics as much as function.

      Glad to hear you found this post useful.


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