60 Happy Years Of Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch

The original Omega Seamaster Professional with CK2915 movement was introduced in 1957 meaning we’ve had 60 Happy Years Of Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch this year. With their characteristic broad arrow hands, Tachymeter, and chronograph, they are highly prized by serious watch collectors and sell at a premium if you can manage to find one.

Interestingly the 1957 edition originally known as the “Broad Arrow” was never developed with space fight in mind, but a tool watch for racing car drivers, hence the Speedmaster name.

Omega Seamaster CK2915

Origianl Speedmaster

Speedmaster 2nd Gen Moon Watch

Still, the Speedmaster has become a legend associated with the NASA space flights through the 60s and 70s, and in particular, the Apollo 11 that saw the Speedmaster second generation introduced in 1959 with slimmer hands but same case and movement, become the first watch on the moon, earning its Monica of Moon Watch.”

 Speedmaster 2nd generation

Speedmaster Evolution

Omega has always enjoyed their association with NASA in the media creating adverts around the world making sure everyone knew why NASA had chosen Omega over the competition. It`s not surprising they jumped on the chance and milked it for all it was worth when you consider Omega didn`t know about their Speedmaster going to space until they saw a photograph of Ed White taken during America’s first spacewalk wearing the Speedmaster.

Over the years the Speedmaster has evolved seeing this first Speedmaster model with movement CK 2915 also known as the “Broad Arrow”  in 1957, followed by the second generation Speedmaster in 1959 with alpha hands and a black aluminum bezel for improved readability

1964 saw the introduction 42 mm asymmetrical case to aid protection to the chronograph pushers and crown. The case saw little change, but the Professional marking appeared below the Speedmaster logo on the dial and the Moon Watch engraving on the case back.

 Omega Speedmaster pro

In more recent times Omega has returned to their original focus of racing running a limited edition in association with racing legend Michael Schumacher in 1996 called ‘Reduced Racing Schumacher’ in a somewhat striking red or yellow, with a racing rubber box, and signed by the driver.

Co-Axial Escapement

Improvements in the design saw the introduction of the revolutionary and advanced Co-Axial escapement to improve performance while at the same time returning charismatic broad arrow hands.

Never wanting to stand still Omega is currently working on a Speedmaster capable of withstanding temperatures between -133°C to 27°C which if will need to do successfully on its planned journey to Mars in 2030.

There have been many models developed around the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch with its famous manual winding Calibre 1861, and high-grade rhodium-plated finish on the movement. Thankfully, the Speedmaster has remained true to its original external form, which no doubt is partly down to our very modern wish to re-invent the originals of yesteryear and luxuriate in nostalgia.

 New Omega Speedmaster

I think we will all agree when I say the Speedmaster is a great modern classic and a fine example of a story based pedigree that’s difficult to beat. And, with so many models in the collection, there is something for everyone from a Bond fan to a NASA enthusiast. If you’re trying to figure out which Omega watch to buy, why not check out the Omega Seamaster at the discount shop for great prices on all watches.

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60 Happy Years Of Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch
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