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Do you have a favorite Tag Heuer or do you need just about every model to match your every mood, and sense of style? If you’re looking for a special timepiece from this renowned motorhead brand and take advantage of a hefty discount, look no further.

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But let’s stay with the program and take a look at Tag Heuer. As you will undoubtedly know Tag Heuer is a legend in the field of motor racing with numerous race drivers sporting the Heuer brand of watches. The legend that’s Enzo Ferrari himself, gave a gold Carrera to all of his drivers.

Tag Heuer’s Glory Years

During Tag Heuer’s “Golden Era” of the 60s and 70s many Formula1 drivers wore this brand.

Joseph Siffert a Swiss racing driver who’s career spanned from the late 1960s to the time of his death in 1971, known as “Seppi” to his family and friends had such a strong connection with Heuer that the model he’s most associated with, the Autavia 1163 T Chronomatic, is commonly called the “Siffert” by collectors.

Autavia 1163 T Chronomatic


Andreas Nikolaus “Niki” Lauda the Austrian former Formula One World Champion, 1975, 1977 and 1984. Famously acquiesced to James Hunt’s single point lead by bowing out of the Japanese Formula1 due to poor weather conditions. He wore the Carrera 1158s that were presented to all their drivers of the period.

Carrera 1158s


Mario Gabriele Andretti the Italian-American former racing driver who’s career ran through the mid to late 70’s, was one of the most well known and successful Americans in the history of F1. Driving for Ferrari and Lotus, his preferred timepiece was the Autavia 2446, although as a Carrera 1158 driver he also received the Carrera 1158.

Autavia 2446


This is just a token selection of a large and distinguished group of F1 Drivers who wore Tag Heuer, but it gives you an insight into the idea of the brand’s pedigree.

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Today’s Tag Heuer.

In today’s’ motor racing world Rolex has taken the mantle of official watch for F1, but we still see Tag Heuer has a firm foothold in this space, sponsoring motorsport and pushing development.

Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso

Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso

At Baselworld, word was out that TAG Heuer was developing their MikroPendulums stopwatch designed to be more accurate than race timers. With two tourbillons this piece has one for giving the time, and one for stopwatch, this is the brand of a true petrol head with a price tag that’s generally lower than Rolex or IWC.

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The Take Away

For my money, the Tag Heuer brand is a perfect luxury watch brand at the perfect price. It has the built-in pedigree of motor racing and the Hollywood chic of Leonard DiCaprio and Brad Pitt amongst others. Not only that, it’s a true precision instrument that can be relied upon at the same time as being a thing of beauty. It really checks all the boxes, making it a real contender to be this year’s luxury purchase.

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carl scutt
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42% Off Tag Heuer Watches
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4 thoughts on “42% Off Tag Heuer Watches

  1. Hi Carl, I enjoyed reading through your latest post on Tag Heuer watches. Especially the opening paragraph where you ask ‘do you have a favourite’? That is a hard one to answer, It all depends on what you are wearing (as you point out, sense of style) and what is the occasion.

    I would like to say that watches for men are very similar to shoes for women. You can’t just have one; they need to match with what you are wearing, whether it be casual or smart, Black or White, day or night.

    I think there is only one way to solve a dilemma like this, and that is to have more than one! Let us not get mad at our wife or girlfriend for having four dozen pairs of shoes, let us get even.

    I visited the store and liked the look of the Tag Heuer Carrera Black dial chronograph, does the price already include the discount?

    Thanks for teasing me with those watches.
    All the best

    • Hi Tommy,

      Yes, yu make a valid point when it comes to men and women. We have different interests but similar needs. I am glad you felt like visiting the store, that means I am doing something right. The 42% discount, in this case, was included in the prices you saw, however, sometimes additional promo codes are offered to cut prices even further. You should keep an eye out for that.

      ne example of this is on my discounted Breitling post that gives the code AFFBREIT12 to use at checkout for an additional 12% off.

      Hope that helps.



  2. Hey Carl, thanks for this post on Tag Heuer watches and letting me know about the 42% discount.
    They really are an awesome looking watch, and with this discount there has never been a better time to grab one at a great price!!
    I really like the Autavia! Looks awesome!!
    ~ John

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