2016 Watch Store Reviews Timepiece

Welcome to the 8th installment of the Best Discount Watch Store’s review on the best places for your online watch shopping. We’ve been charging through the best-known discount stores and find ourselves on number 8 in the series. Today we’ll take a look at Timepiece. If you’re up to speed you already know this is where you can narrow down your options.

To help you move forward with this task here’s a list of well known, long standing, online discount watch stores look at.

Discount Watch Stores

Christopher Ward
Discount Shop
Princeton Watches
World Of Watches
Smart Bargains

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Today We’re Looking At Timepiece

The timepiece mantra is one of offering the best products at competitive prices with the best customer service, pre, during and post sale.

Like other discount stores, Timepiece buys at low prices leveraging the economy of volume. This makes it possible to get the lowest prices possible from established, legitimate distribution channels, guaranteeing items are genuine and authentic. They will never sell refurbished or factory seconds.

Their overall plan is to give the customer the best buying experience possible, their goal to make the shopping experience as informative, easy, and as safe as possible.

With over 100 brands available like Brera Orologi, Bvlgari, Daniel Wellington, Fortis, Haurex Italy, Technomarine Watches, the range is varied and so too is the price range between $50 to $40,000. The site isn’t as user-friendly as some of the others I’ve used, but once you get used to it the sections are set out reasonable well. You can search by gender, for example, if you want men’s watches follow this link, and for women’s watches follow this link.

If you just want to get on with it and check out the select of luxury watches following this link. Conversely, if you looking for the least costly pieces, trying visiting the clearance area.

Shipping is via UPS ground shipping generally taking up to 6 days, or USPS standard post within the US. International shipping is available ranging from around $20.

Barring some conditions set out on their website Timepiece can service every branded watch sold on our website for a period of 1 to 5 years after purchase. Watches that have symptoms of abnormally gaining time, losing time, or not keeping proper time will be serviced under our warranty program. If damage has occurred due to having the watch serviced by a third party null and voids the warranty from Timepiece.com.


If for some reason you’re not happy with your purchase, you can exchange or return it for a refund (minas hipping and handling charges) within 30 days from .

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Look at some of the brands Timepiece Carry. If any of these brands interests you, please take a look on their site. For the full list of brands available click here.

visit the shop

/Brera-Orologi-Watches Bvlgari-Watches.
Daniel-Wellington-Watches Fortis-Watches
Haurex-Italy-Watches Technomarine-Watches

visit the shop

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2016 Watch Store Reviews Timepiece
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