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Welcome back to the Best Discount Watch Stores review series. You’ve reached number 11 – Smartbargains.com. Although this site is not dedicated to online watch shopping, it certainly offers a wide range of discount luxury and fashion watches, so it’s a really good place to investigate. So far we’ve concentrated on the main players in the online discount watch stores but as time goes on I will be adding new players as they prove themselves.

So let’s see how the Smartbargains pans out against its competition in the field of buying luxury watches online.

Discount Watch Stores

Christopher Ward
Discount Shop
Princeton Watches
World Of Watches
Smart Bargains

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Today We’re Looking At Smart Bargains

SmartBargains have been selling branded products exclusively on the Internet for several years now. Their core philosophy is providing customers with the finest quality brands at the absolute best price, 100% committed to providing their customers with the hottest trends in luxury and fashion.

They do this by buying from “authorized” dealers and large worldwide distributors in bulk, consistently buying at the lowest possible prices then passing savings to customers.

Proudly standing behind the authenticity of all their products and distancing themselves from unscrupulous and criminal enterprises on the internet. They stress that selling counterfeit products as the genuine article is a violation of federal law.

All products are brand new unless pre-owned and all guaranteed to be 100% authentic.

The Website

Smartbargains is not just a discount watch store, it carries many other products from home products to Jewelry, Eyewear, Handbags and other assorted accessories. But discoutwatchstores.com is a watch oriented site so that’s what we’ll concentrate on.

Just because smart bargains isn’t dedicated to discount watch sales it doesn’t mean it’s any less capable of delivering eye-popping discounts on popular brands like Breitling, Cabochon, Chanel, Citizen, Michael Kors, Omega, Oris, Raymond Weil, Swiss Legend. It’s this ability that has earned it a place on the list.

The price range fitting between $25 to $10,000 gives plenty of scope and choice for everyone. For the full list of brands found on the Smartbargain site checkout this All Brands link

The website isn’t the nicest layout I’ve ever seen but it certainly contains lots of good quality content.

From the main discount watches page you can easily search for you preference using the left-hand navigation that looks something like this:

Under $25
$25 – $50
$50 – $100
$100 – $150
$150 – $200
$200 – $250
$250 & Over


It maybe you don’t mind getting a little side tracked and feel like checking out the other bargain offers. If you want, go direct to the brands, simply use THIS link to visit the SmartBargain brands covering all products. That way you just go direct to your favorite brand names first.

Whatever your goals or preferences please visit the Weekly Giveaway page and enter your details, you may end up winning that week’s prize.

For a general overview of some of the best-known online watch stores check out my Best Online Watch Stores review page.

Look at some of the brands Smart Bargains Carry. If any of these brands interests you, please take a look on their site.

visit the shop

Chanel Citizen
Michael-Kors Omega


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2016 Watch Store Reviews Smart Bargains
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